Our appetizers creations

Beef carpaccio stuffed with fish, bread   15.90

Trout caviar on ice, butter, toast    18.90

Slices of Norwegian peppered salmon, horseradish cream, curry-butter, bread    15.90

Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino     9.90

Small portion of homemade pumpkin or spinach pasta pockets with fresh parmesan,
browned butter  9.90

1/2 dozen Burgundy snails with spiced butter, cheese au gratin   16.90

Starter plate „Maria Loretto“, bread    18.90

Parma ham with buffalo mozzarella, tomato-chutney, olives, bread    15.90

Stuffed carpaccio, wafer-thin beef tenderloin, fresh parmesan, capers, artichokes, bread    15.90

Prawn cocktail with fruits, bread    15.90

Loretto‘s Caesar salad with croutons, fresh parmesan, bacon    9.90

Soups …

Fischsuppe „Maria Loretto“ mit Edelfischsorten, Gebäck    10,90

Tomatencremesuppe, Büffelmozzarella, Croutons     5,90

Zwiebelsuppe mit Pernod, Käse gratiniert     5,90

Franz. Knoblauch-Cremesuppe mit Shrimps, Knoblauchbrot     5,90

Rindsuppe mit Frittaten    4,20


Austrian beef salad with pumpkin seed oil, egg and bread    14.90

Greek or Nice salad, olives, onion, oregano, bread    12.90

Baked feta cheese with salad    9.90

Grilled turkey strips on a bed of mixed salad, with fresh parmesan, bread    14.90

Speciality noodles and pasta

Grandma‘s homemade spinach pasta pockets with fresh parmesan and browned butter   12.90

Homemade pumpkin pasta pockets with sage, fresh parmesan and browned butter, 12.90

Carinthian stuffed pasta pocket with salad    12.90

Upper Carinthian pasta pockets stuffed with meat served with sauerkraut    12.90

Mixed Carinthian noodle platter    14.90

Spaghetti with meat or tomato sauce with fresh parmesan    10.90

Rigatoni allarrabbiata with fresh parmesan (spicy, vegetarian)    10.90

Lake meets sea

Trout prepared to your liking, parsley potatoes, mixed leaves   19.90

Venetian fish platter with olives, artichokes, capers, creamed polenta.  24.90  

Pike perch, grilled or baked, parsley potatoes    19.90

Grilled sole with lemon risotto    25.90

Steamed wels catfish fillet with root vegetables and fresh horseradish, boiled potatoes, browned butter.  19.90

Grilled baby monkfish with horseradish purée and grilled vegetables   23.90  


Mixed fish platter „Maria Loretto“ (freshwater & sea fish), herb potatoes, mixed leaves   24.90 

Salmon fillet poached with lemon sauce, tagliatelle   19.90

Scallops au gratin (4 pieces), garlic bread.  19.90

Grilled calamari, garlic bread, mixed leaves   19.90  

Fish platter „Maria Loretto“ for 2 (freshwater & sea fish), with herb potatoes and mixed leaves  per person   29.90

Shelled giant prawns with curry-chili-cream-polenta, and mixed leaves   28.90

Rock shrimps, grilled or in a garlic white wine stock, garlic bread, mixed leaves   29.90

Our fish dishes are prepared with olive oil with garlic. (O)

Lovely turkey dishes

Turkey cordon bleu with french fries and mixed leaves   17.90  

Turkey schnitzel „Parisian style“ with pea rice, cranberries 17.90  

Meat enjoyments

„Wiener Schnitzel“ made with austrian veal with mashed potatoes, cranberries   20.90  

Various grilled pieces of meat (beef, calf, lamb, turkey), herb butter,  baked potato   18.90

Slices of austrian veal with a tomato basil risotto Fresh parmesan and olive oil.  22.90

Argentinian rump steak medium, with chilli butter, deep-fried sweet potato wedges, truffle mayonnaise and mixed leaves   26.90  

Creamed sliced veal „à la maison“, tagliatelle   19.90

Fillet steak with a fiery pepper and chilli sauce or maple butter, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.  34.90

Roasted veal liver with pea rice, cranberries   22.90

Boiled beef (Tafelspitz) with root vegetables, roast potatoes,
horseradish bread sauce and chive sauce   20.90

Medium fried saddle of lamb in a herb crust, garlic-spinach, mashed potatoes with ginger (approx. 20 min. wait).  31.90

Stroganoff sirloin tips, (bell pepper, cucumber), tagliatelle   25.90  

Sweet impressions

Selection of desserts „Maria Loretto“.  12.90

Fresh fruit salad with ice cream   9.90

Mousse au Chocolat.  7.90

Lemon sorbet (Prosecco & vodka)   6.90

Grand Marnier parfait   7.90

Tiramisu.  6.90 

Pancakes stuffed with apricot jam or cranberries    7.90  

pancakes with vanilla icecream and homemade chocolate sauce    9.90

Carinthian ice cream dessert with cinnamon-plumps   7.90  

Mixed cheese plate, fruit chutney, butter, bread   15.90  

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